LET'S TALK... Schedule an appointment to sit down one on one with Sue Coe, creative head of I DO INVITATIONS to get started on your original designs. You can visit our studio and review our entire portfolio in Manhattan, or work via phone and email from anywhere. During this consultation, we get to know you and review all the details of your event, including your themes and budget.

To prepare for this initial meeting, bring images from pinterest, photographs, samples of invitations or any visual or inspirational items that you would like to consider when formulating the design for your wedding ensemble. Please try to come to the meeting with the following information:

  1. What are your stationery needs for your event? Save the Dates, Invitations, any or all day-of wedding accessories?
  2. How many of everything will you require? Calculate quantities based on your guest list: you'll need one invitation package for every couple (or family), one per single guest, plus 25 additional pieces.
  3. The Details: Name(s) of the hosts; wedding date, time, and place; reply addresses, return address, etc.
  4. Invitation wording.  We will be happy to help you write the copy which best suits the style of your invitation design and can provide sample wording to help you get started.
  5. Your budget for your wedding suite.  This will help us create the invitations that you love while keeping to your budget.

THE PROPOSAL... but not the one from one knee! Within one week following our consultation, we will provide you with an proposal and agreement. We’ll itemize and give you base pricing plus optional add-ons to consider. Please read these documents carefully. If you require revisions to the proposal, please let us know and we will be happy to rework estimates and edit the details. Once you have approved your estimate, signed the ­agreement and submit a 50% deposit, we can begin to brainstorm your design! I DO INVITATIONS accepts personal checks.
        At this point, we will also confirm a timeline with you before starting the design phase so you know when to expect design proofs and when you’ll receive your finished product. Depending on the scope and complexity of your suite, turn-around-time for producing custom invitation suites vary between 5 to 7 weeks from signed (via email) approval.


OUR REVEAL... we’ll surprise you! Give us a couple of weeks and schedule a second appointment for design ­presentation. Here we will show papers, ink color swatches, type styles, mood boards and prototypes and ­discuss the ensemble’s visual connection to other elements of your event. This is a perfect time for you to carefully review, provide feedback and edits or additional design changes for us to incorporate into the final proofs of your invitation suite. ­
        If required, we allow for a third meeting for any revised prototypes or edits in materials. If you request additional proofs, prototypes, or any materials not within the approved proposal, there will be additional costs and a change order to the proposal.

A LITTLE VOLLEY... with a few edits here and there.  We will work with you until everything is perfect and exactly how you’ve envisioned it.  Please review everything ­carefully and note that three PDF proofs are included in the price of your pieces. So be sure that you’ve included all the changes you’d like before submitting them to us. Each additional proof after three will be supplied at a fee of $50 each.
        We always electronically send artwork at 100% of its size and recommend printing out the pdfs for more accurate proofing. Check and double check for spelling and grammar. Your final approval and sign-off will ­indicate that your invitation suite is ready for print production. If a mistake is discovered after the invitations have been approved, the error will be corrected at the cost of the customer.

GRAND FINALE... be prepared to be wowed! Your guests will be also! Now that we have your sign-off, your custom design goes into print production! Our ­printers are the best in the country—they are artists themselves—so please be patient during this process, we are all working hard to transform your design in to a grand final product.
        If you have contracted us to provide our mailing service with an assembly and/or mailing, please submit to us via email your guest list at least 2 weeks prior to the designated mail date in order to stay on schedule and we'll get them out the door!
        You will receive an invoice for the balance of your order due prior to shipping your beautiful invitation suites. I DO INVITATIONS accepts personal checks.